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A Good Dog is Gone – Wiley Lived a Life Better Than Most Men.

Posted by on December 30, 2010

On 12/28/2010 8:15 AM, wren propp wrote:

Wiley B. Moffatt died on Monday December 27, 2010.

We’ll miss her at every hike, whenever a trout is caught and released, at every meal where a steak bone is available, where ever there is a quiet patch of sun for a warm nap, on every long drive with interesting things to be seen out the window.

She loved the beach; she loved the river, she loved her man.

She was the best dog I ever knew.

Running wild on her favorite stream, the Rio Costilla at the Valle Vidal.

In her van with her man.

With her new best friend, Wren, on the North Platte in Wyoming.
Kind and tolerant of kids she forged special bonds.

Where she got her sunshine.

Ready to rock at all times.

Chasing bass at the Butte.

Mugging for the camera.

She loved all fishermen.
And always willing to lend a hand when it came to the van.

But napping was her specialty.

Strolling on the beach too.

And waiting on the man to catch something, anything, any time now.

She was a good dog, only barked twice that we know of and both of them had it coming to em.
Rest in Peace Wiley Dog. We love you too.

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