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Please Enjoy Our Collection of Great Outdoor Articles and Pics

Whether you’re new to the state or have been here for awhile we hope you’ll find what your looking for on the pages of Outdoors New Mexico.  Informative articles, compelling photography, helpful links and the best feature stories our wonderful state has to offer. Enjoy!




  • 29/03 - Spring caddis hatch on the Rio Grande should be good to fish in 2018
    The caddis hatch on the upper Rio Grande in 2018 should be great for fishing if the warm days and low water flows continue. “It’s looking good,” says Nick Streit of the Taos Fly shop. Low snowpack levels in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado means less high and muddy runoff in the big river. And that makes for good fishing especially during the annual caddis hatch when millions of the bugs emerge from the water to mate along the river.
  • rio grande angler thumb
    18/03 - Spring fishing should be good in 2018 despite return of drought
    Anglers planning on doing some fishing this season may want to get it done sooner rather than later while most of the state’s reservoirs are still full.
  • Duranglers Corner San Juan River N.M.
    02/01 - San Juan River’s Simon Canyon Run Under Restoration
    New Mexico’s trophy trout fishery, the San Juan River below Navajo Dam, will be getting an upgrade for Christmas including two new boat ramps and many in-stream habitat improvements.


  • 11/11 - Trout stocked all winter long in New Mexico to keep anglers happy
    Anglers can still catch plenty of tasty fish during the winter as the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish switches from stocking catfish to trout in many statewide waters.
  • Lagunitas Lakes Carson National Forest N.M.
    15/09 - Lagunitas Lakes Make for Fine Fall Fishing
    Many would argue that autumn is the best time of year to get outdoors and enjoy all that the state has to offer. The days are pleasantly warm and sunny while nights are crisp and cool. Gone are the summer’s tourist crowds and it is a time locals savor. One great fall destination that provides all of the above in a remote, backcountry setting is Lagunitas campgrounds in the Carson National Forest just outside the Cruces Wilderness Basin.



  • Clayton Lake State Park
    29/03 - Great Family Fun at Clayton Lake State Park Fishing Derby
    It’s said to be New Mexico’s biggest and best fishing derby drawing thousands of visitors from neighboring states to Clayton Lake State Park where the top prize of a fully equipped bass fishing boat is a big draw.
  • 18/03 - Red River & Eagle Rock Lake – New & Improved!
    Construction of a new fishing park at Eagle Rock Lake near Questa and in-stream fish habitat improvements at the Red River fish hatchery are expected to be completed by the summer of 2015 to help promote angling and tourism in the area. “It’ll be a very, nice aquatic park in a beautiful setting that folks can really enjoy while fishing,” says Frey Sports Fish Program Manager for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Habitat improvement stamp funds from fishing license sales paid for the construction costs.
  • 22/02 - Winter Fishing and Camping on the San Juan River
    There's a reason savvy travelers love the off-season and the same goes for those who love to fish, especially on the fabled San Juan River in northwest New Mexico. Here's some tips and tricks on how to enjoy some of the finest winter fishing in the west.
  • Bob Gerding
    31/01 - State Game and Fish Department Brings Back Annual Hunting and Fishing Show!
    The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has brought back the annual midwinter hunting and fishing show after it was cancelled last year following the death of its founder, Bob Gerding.


  • Tsankawi entrance sign
    19/11 - A Visit to Tsankawi at Bandelier Takes One Back in Time
    Sitting upon the edge of a cliff at Tsankawi, legs dangling in space, basking in the midwinter sun, one can look out over the snow dusted valley below and perhaps understand why the ancient Indians choose to live here hundreds of years ago.
  • flyfisherman posing on rock
    22/10 - Fishing the Rio Grande Gorge with John Nichols & Taylor Streit & Fall is the Best Time to Do It!
    For many anglers New Mexico’s Rio Grande gorge and its tumbling river is an intimidating and stingy place to fish. Its reputation for skunking even seasoned anglers may cause some to pass it up for easier fare elsewhere. But those who’ve managed to overcome this maddening river’s mysterious ways say the fishing can reach mystical proportions.
  • A San Juan Country Road basks in the sunshine of a gorgeous autumn day on the San Juan River in northwestern New Mexico.
    17/10 - Fall Fishing on the San Juan River is as Good as It Gets & Here’s How!
    We were breaking ice that fall morning as we trudged through the marsh trail leading to the upper flats of the San Juan River. And we were hoping we’d get one of the more favored fishing spots to ourselves because the fall is when this trophy, trout stream really grows busy.
  • U.S. 84 Red Rock Canyon Abiquiu Lake
    25/09 - Take a Drive & Enjoy New Mexico’s Fall Colors
    There’s no better time than the fall to enjoy some of the best scenery in northern New Mexico and with the changing of the leaves there’s no better excuse for a road trip.
  • 14/08 - Summer Fishing and Camping on the San Juan River
    Summer on the San Juan river is great for anglers who know how to handle the heat as they will enjoy dynamite dry fly action, lots of sight fishing in incredibly clear water and a really memorable experience, especially in the weeks following the annual spring flush.
  • Dry Cimarron River in northeastern New Mexico.
    24/06 - New Mexico Winning War on Wild Hogs
    New Mexico appears to be winning its war against wild hogs with the feral swine now gone from half of infected counties in 2013, federal authorities report.
  • san juan river
    03/04 - Spring Fishing on the San Juan River – Tips and Tricks
    Spring fishing on the San Juan River means dry fly action and plenty of it so box up the nymphs, break out the flies and get after it.
  • san juan river hammond tract
    03/03 - San Juan Sees Even More Improvements for Anglers and Wildlife
    It’s the dead of winter and Mike Lee of Arizona is catching big beautiful trout on dry flies at the Lower Flats of the San Juan River in northwestern New Mexico and state fisheries biologist Marc Wethington couldn’t be happier for him.
  • Toner Mitchell poses with brown trout caught in the Chama River of northern New Mexico.
    22/02 - Winter Trout Fishing on the Rio Chama Below El Vado Dam
    In the dead of winter when most anglers are yearning for a fight with a feisty trout there are only a few places one can try in northern New Mexico. But for those seeking the solitude of a lonely stretch of river, incredible scenery and the possibility of catching a fat fish, then the Rio Chama below El Vado Dam is where it’s at.
  • Tsankawi Indian ruins near White Rock NM.
    15/02 - Great Winter Hikes Can Be Found in Los Alamos & White Rock Areas
    New Mexico's mild winter weather makes for ideal hiking conditions and the White Rock and Los Alamos area boasts some of the best sunny and scenic strolls around.
  • Mitch Roggy, 53, of Albuquerque shows off a nice, fat Rainbow trout he picked up while ice fishing at Eagle Nest Lake one past winter.
    14/01 - Ice Fishing is On & Eagle Nest Lake is the Place!
    In the dead of winter when the dreaded effects of cabin fever begin to set in, people will do some incredible things to get outdoors and have some fun. Like ice fishing, a traditional New Mexican outdoor activity that much like salmon snagging requires a hardier breed of angler and a touch of desperation.



  • Steve Chase, 28, of Laguna, NM shows off a fat salmon he snagged at Navajo Lake last year.
    18/10 - Salmon Snagging Season in New Mexico
    Salmon snagging is a traditional fall fishing activity across much of northern New Mexico, drawing a hardy group of anglers to area lakes where the brightly colored, tasty fish can be caught in big numbers. Here's some tips on how it's done.
  • man shows off tiger muskie
    23/09 - Record Breaking, Trophy Sized Tiger Muskies at Bluewater Lake NM
    The Tiger muskie fishing at Bluewater Lake is so good these days its drawing anglers from across the state looking to land a trophy sized fish and maybe even break the state record.
  • man shows off salmon
    05/09 - Don Wolfley: Last of the Old School Fishing Guides at Heron Lake
    It’s a hazy summer morning at Heron Lake and fishing guide Don Wolfley is backing his 24-foot pontoon boat into the water for a day of deep sea fishing - New Mexico style!
  • Teachers enjoy a float down the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico courtesy of Far Flung Adventures
    25/08 - NMDGF “Project Wild” Brings Outdoors Into The Classroom
    Some teachers will be returning to the classroom this year and telling kids what they did this summer under a New Mexico Department of Game and Fish program designed to help bring nature into the classroom.
  • The lobby of the Pecos National Historical Monument features big murals that help depict the history of the state.
    20/08 - Pecos National Monument Museum Among State’s Best
    The Pecos National Historical Park on the Santa Fe Trail provides guests to its visitors center one the best exhibits of New Mexico history on display in the state.
  • The overlook bunker provides a measure of safety from the elements.
    05/08 - Galisteo Dam: Stunning Solitude & Scenery
    Need to get out of town fast and find some high desert solitude and beauty? Head for the bottom of La Bajada Hill on the interstate and then follow the frontage road back around to Galisteo Dam. It's a lonely remote place where one can really find some stunning scenery and quiet space.
  • mountain biker on new mexican trail
    24/07 - Santa Fe’s La Tierra Trails Provides a Haven for Bikers, Hikers and Outdoor Recreationists.
    Santa Fe’s 1,500-acre La Tierra Trails public recreation area is a great place for hikers, bikers, horseback riders to enjoy over 25 miles of trails and immense scenic views.
  • Mark Wethington, Fisheries Biologist for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) shows off a nice Rainbow trout caught in revitalized Braids section of the San Juan River.
    23/06 - Habitat Improvements on New Mexico’s San Juan River a Huge Success
    Recent fish habitat improvement projects on the San Juan River have surpassed expectations at the state’s top trout fishery and it would appear most anglers are thrilled with the results.
  • trout in net with fly in mouth
    07/06 - New Mexico’s Best Stonefly Fishing Just Across the State Line
    Some of the best fly fishing in New Mexico can be found just across the state line in southern Colorado when the Conejos River is thick with stoneflies during the annual hatch.
  • man with huge pike
    25/05 - Eagle Nest Lake a Hot Spot for Pike Fishing
    Anglers looking for some real fishing thrills need go no further than Eagle Nest Lake on northern New Mexico where the angling for big bad pike has been great!
  • Clayton Lake State Park features great fishing and camping, fabulous scenery and spectacular night skies.
    28/04 - Star Gazing Best at Clayton Lake State Park
    If you’re looking to see stars, then forget Santa Fe’s Plaza and get out to Clayton Lake State Park where they throw parties for them all the time. Boasting some of the best star-gazing conditions in the country the park is only one of four worldwide that is officially recognized for its incredibly dark skies.
  • Leo Salcido of Albuquerque, shows of a nice, fat, bigmouth bass he caught at Shady Lakes.
    06/04 - Great Bass Fishing So Close to Santa Fe and Albuquerque it Should be Illegal
    For over 50 years Shady Lakes in Alameda has been providing anglers a lush retreat where the thrill of battling a big bass is only a cast away.
  • bamboo rod and old fashioned reel
    10/02 - Hunting & Fishing Show Features Local Bamboo Rod Builder
    When the doors opened and the crowds started to filter into Bob Gerding’s 2012 hunting and fishing show, fledgling bamboo fly rod builder Bruce Smith of Edgewood was there to realize his dream.
  • 01/02 - Wild Hogs Invade New Mexico & Threaten to Wreak Havoc
    Wild hogs are invading New Mexico and are threatening to destroy the environment, spread disease and run off wildlife, according to authorities.
  • Adam Vigil, 7, of Taos waits patiently for a bite while ice fishing with his family at Eagle Nest Lake on Saturday, Jan.5, 2008.
    28/01 - Ice Fishing Eagle Nest Lake a Bracing Winter Feat
    Ice fishing at Eagle Nest Lake in northern New Mexico is a fun way to catch fish and have fun outdoors during the winter months.
  • Matt Pelletier shows off a nice trout caught while ice fishing in New Mexico.
    27/01 - Ice Fishing Tips and Tricks by Matt Pelletier of Fish Enchantment
    Winter has arrived in New Mexico and thick sheets of ice have formed on many lakes providing anglers with an opportunity to keep fishing in a whole new way. Ice fishing is a sure fire cure for the winter blues and when properly done can be fun and fulfilling too. And if there’s one rule to ice fishing it’s that there's no such thing as being over dressed.
  • Bethany McBride,18, Los Alamos.
    19/01 - Los Alamos Open Air Skating Rink a Real Winter Treat
    It’s opening day at Los Alamos’ open-air skating rink and Andy McCown is thrilled to be the only one on the ice during the lunch hour session. “Because I’m still a little rusty,” he says as he chops and glides his away around the regulation size rink. McCown enjoys skating during his noon break from the lab and knows it won’t be long before he has plenty of company at the popular recreational facility operated by Los Alamos County.
  • Jeff Roybal of Santa Fe takes a run at Hyde Memorial State Park
    18/01 - Sledding in Northern New Mexico Makes for Great Winter Fun
    After a recent wave of bountiful snowstorms swept through northern New Mexico the sledding season is in full swing and just in time for the holidays. “We’ve seen a lot of snow up here lately and the sledding has been great,” says Joe Cristopherson, Superintendent of Hyde Memorial State Park in the mountains just aboveSanta Fe. The park boasts a couple of 100-yard sledding runs where adults and kids armed with plastic saucers, toboggans or rubber inner tubes can have a ball whisking down the hill.







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