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winter sports

Ice Fishing Eagle Nest Lake a Bracing Winter Feat

Adam Vigil, 7, of Taos waits patiently for a bite while ice fishing with his family at Eagle Nest Lake on Saturday, Jan.5, 2008.

Ice fishing at Eagle Nest Lake in northern New Mexico is a fun way to catch fish and have fun outdoors during the winter months. Continue reading »

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Ice Fishing Tips and Tricks by Matt Pelletier of Fish Enchantment

Matt Pelletier shows off a nice trout caught while ice fishing in New Mexico.

Winter has arrived in New Mexico and thick sheets of ice have formed on many lakes providing anglers with an opportunity to keep fishing in a whole new way.

Ice fishing is a sure fire cure for the winter blues and when properly done can be fun and fulfilling too.
And if there’s one rule to ice fishing it’s that there’s no such thing as being over dressed. Continue reading »

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Los Alamos Open Air Skating Rink a Real Winter Treat

Bethany McBride,18, Los Alamos.

It’s opening day at Los Alamos’ open-air skating rink and Andy McCown is thrilled to be the only one on the ice during the lunch hour session.
“Because I’m still a little rusty,” he says as he chops and glides his away around the regulation size rink.
McCown enjoys skating during his noon break from the lab and knows it won’t be long before he has plenty of company at the popular recreational facility operated by Los Alamos County. Continue reading »

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Sledding in Northern New Mexico Makes for Great Winter Fun

Jeff Roybal of Santa Fe takes a run at Hyde Memorial State Park

After a recent wave of bountiful snowstorms swept through northern New Mexico the sledding season is in full swing and just in time for the holidays.
“We’ve seen a lot of snow up here lately and the sledding has been great,” says Joe Cristopherson, Superintendent of Hyde Memorial State Park in the mountains just aboveSanta Fe.
The park boasts a couple of 100-yard sledding runs where adults and kids armed with plastic saucers, toboggans or rubber inner tubes can have a ball whisking down the hill. Continue reading »

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Fish Sumner Lake While You Can This Winter

Despite reports to the contrary, New Mexico’s popular walleye fishery on the eastern plains, Sumner Lake, has not yet been drained and could actually turn out to be a hot spot for anglers this winter. Continue reading »

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